#PumpRules Backgroundlings


If the main cast members on Vanderpump Rules are the enchiladas, the secondary characters are the delicious side of beans and cheese. They’re not what you look forward to the most, but deliciously surprise you with how they add to the meal. After almost 4 whole seasons under my belt, I feel almost as connected to the secondary characters as I am the main cast. Here is my list of my favorite background characters on Vanderpump Rules:

1. Kristina Kelly – Here is the scene where Kristina won me over: The girls are at brunch talking about how off camera, Jax finally came clean about having sex with Kristen. Stassi tells the girls how the whole situation went down during the movie Drive and starts to break down in tears. Kristina Kelly comes through, embracing her and saying “What a piece of shit, it doesn’t get worse than this, the amount of betrayal she put you through, I would never ever ever put you through this, ever ever ever”. I love how Kristina makes this whole thing about her allegiance and takes this as an opportunity to pledge her undying love to her master, Nastassia Schroeder.


2. Max Todd – If Mad Max is going to win a bunch of pointless awards at the Oscars, then Mute Max Todd is going to win a pointless award on my blog for being one of the best secondary characters in Vanderpump Rules. Max has his downfalls, he may not be able to keep his teeth in his mouth or work his way up the managerial ladder of his own parent’s restaurant but he is clutch in keeping the #pumprules back stories alive. Why else would it make sense that James is invited to Hawaii when no one else wanted him to be there? He rode the coattails of the boss’ kid.


3. The SUR cooks- three words: Kristen Getting Fired. The joy they felt was paralleled to when I am enjoying a Mexican combo platter in yoga pants knowing the calories won’t count… once in a lifetime bliss.


4. Tom’s Sex Couch – Obviously this one should be the most important secondary character. It was the main culprit in the Kristen/Jax/Drive/BJ situation. It also probably has seen some better times during the Jax/Sheet Wall days.


5. Gordo Von Friend – The most innocent bystander, Gordo is the purest character in this whole damn show and the most attractive. Rescued as a last ditch effort to prolong an engagement, Gordo is the glue in the Schwartz/Maloney household.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 8.28.33 AM.png

Cheers! xox


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