Christmas Decor

I am beyond obsessed with decorating for holidays. I literally get giddy and light headed in TJ Maxx when they start putting out holiday decor and usually need to block off 2 hours so I can comb through the store.

With that being said, I also appreciate a unique approach to decorating.

I’m not about that girly-sparkly-matchy-matchy decoration life, I like to decorate with a little edge and unique-ness. Experiment, get creative, find YOUR take on your Christmas style, not just what everyone else’s decorations have always been. Don’t be afraid to use untraditional colors like black… how cool would black poinsettas be? Or add little details like vintage santa figurines in unsuspecting parts of the house, like the bathroom. A little holiday cheer while your guests go through your medicine cabinet.


Here are some things I found online to help with your unique/badass Christmas decor.


  1. Pine Cone Decanter & Old Fashioned Glasses– Okay, these make me want to have a little dinner party so I can serve some Old Fashions after dinner in a dim, candle lit room and listen to some classic rock Christmas songs. pine-cone
  2. Vintage Deer Figurines – Living, Breathing, Dying over these cheeky little deer. I love these guys nestled into a fresh pine garland on your basic bitch bar cart or on your TV console.  vintage-deer
  3. PILLOWS– You don’t only have to decorate with things that scream CHRISTMAS, I love an understated moment. When I think of Christmas time, I think of cold, fireplaces, fur, comfort… so I think these pillows are perfect to depict that feeling. Not to sound like a douche-y interior design person, but I also am obsessed with the mixing of textures. maroon-velvetgreen-velvetfur-pillow
  4. Ornament – I am not in to trees that are boring and full of an array of ornaments you purchased from one place. I actually am not a fan of decorating that looks like that either. I think ornaments should be collected over time and have meaning to you. I also like to have ornaments mixed in that tie the overall vibe of the tree together. I like these bad boys because they’re cheap, gold, and i like that the string is un-done and fraying. star-ornaments
  5. Wrapping Paper – I so badly want to be the kind of girl that wraps gifts perfectly… or even actually wrap their presents instead of opting for a bag last minute because I’m an asshole. One day when I become chic and adult-ish, I will wrap all the gifts in this vintage misletoe paper with black and white striped bows. Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 11.29.03 PM.png
  6. Llama Snowglobe – For some reason I have always been in love with llamas. They’re like fancy little giraffe’s with fur coats. I love that this snow globe brings the snowy, Christmas-y vibe with an unconventional addition, the llama! llama_snowglobe
  7. Glitter Coal – This is so cheeky and fun. It is also a trinket box so you can put it on your coffee table with something naughty inside like spicy bourbon nuts.giltter-coal
  8. Christmas Cow – I have lots of family in Texas and lived there for a few years and love to add little details as an homage to that. These plates are so fun, I love that they’re shaped like a cheap paper plate… I want to serve our Christmas Prime Rib on it with gold flatware. I like combining low brow and high class items for a less serious vibe. christmas-cow
  9. Bells – These are only $12 and bring a little more of that understated Christmas cheer feel we are going for. I am thinking about getting these and putting it on the knob of my pantry so home girl gets her holiday snacking under control. bells
  10. Feliz Navidad Banner – I have a real obsession with trying to speak spanish. I have been known to go rouge during car karaoke sessions with my version of spanish. This banner is so cute because Feliz Navidad is so much more fun than saying Merry Christmas.feliz

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for Christmas?


xox Jade


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