Adding Edge to Your Bar Cart

If you don’t have a bar cart, are you really living?

It’s hard to go on to Pinterest these days without seeing a perfect bar cart and getting sucked in to it. I am such a sucker for them, mostly because I am obsessed with the idea of a whole space in my house revolving solely around the art of drinking. Alcohol is beautiful and should be celebrated so I am fully in to the bar cart trend and this basic bitch obviously has one in her house… Actually in my entry way. I mean, I named my website Drinks With Jade. My guests should be greeted with the site of alcohol right when they enter my house, it’s only fair.

As basic as I can be, I do prefer a more edgy way to execute a look. If I’m going to be like every 20-something in America and have a bar cart, I need things on it to stand out and set me a part. While I usually find most of my accessories at HomeGoods or thrift stores, I have scoured the internet looking for Drinks With Jade worthy shit just for you!

First off, let’s get inspired. I really love a fun print above the cart to set the tone. I picked ones below that are a little more fun and edgy. I have a mirror above mine because it’s in my entryway and it opens the space up for me. Do you, honey.

Next, we need the cart. Obviously first you will need to choose where to put it so you can determine how big it will be and also the design of the room so everything can flow together. It really doesn’t even need to be a cart, it can be a console table or a set of shelves… really anything you can set alcohol on.

Gold Cane Cart from, Black Industrial Cart from, Lucite Cart with Gold Accents from as well.


Let’s come up with a color theme, it will make your life easier. I found a set of vintage orange glasses with a matching pitcher and gold rims at Salvation Army so I centered my whole cart around this… and my living room. So now my whole living room is greens, blues, wood, and pops of orange & gold to contrast, which has translated to my cart as well. Your color scheme can even be no color, I’m totally in to that as well. Just lucite, clear, white vibes.. very chic!

Glassware is some of my favorite things to shop for. Every time I leave a home decor store, I leave with a set of glasses and it’s excessive. I found some good options that are classic with an interesting twist, like the black goblets instead of boring clear wine glasses, and the sky blue tortoise highballs. The Buzzed stemless wine glasses are so cheeky & kitschy, fun for a girls night. I also am obsessed with these male stripper glasses, also great for girls night, and will add some edge to your bar cart.

Studded Rocks, Assless Chaps, Gothic Goblets, Sky Blue Tortoise, Buzzed Wine, Retro Column

Now we need to wrangle items and add height and depth. You can do this a few different ways. I have a green cake stand that I put seasonal items on like flowers or a bowl of lemons (very Yolana Hadid Foster of me) and that just adds a little height so everything is not on the same level. Another good way to do that is to add decanters/pitchers or prop things up with coffee table books. As far as wrangling items, I like to put mixing tools in a mixing glass and you can even put drink stirrers or straws in those as well. Trays are obvi another great way to wrangle things and are an easy find.

Tiger Valet Tray, Hammered Gold Tray, Black Marble Tray, Stud Decanter, Martini Pitcher, Jade Vintage Pitcher


Last, we need some accessories. I like to keep things like coasters, napkins, mixing tools, bottle openers, straws, bottle stoppers, literally anything that pertains to drinking and is interesting looking on the cart. Along with my weird glassware obsession, I also have a thing with napkins. Every time I go to HomeGoods I pick up some paper napkins for $2, they’re completely frivolous and most people don’t even use them but I feel a little more Martha Stewart-y when I put them out.

Mixed Drink Coasters, Glass Straws, Hair of the Dog Napkins, Unicorn Bottle Stopper, Horseshoe Drink Stirrer, Pug Drink Markers, Beetle Coasters, Bird Napkins


I hope this helped add a little glamour to feeding your vice. I love finding new pieces to add to my bar cart, what are your favorite things to add to yours?

Cheers! xoxo




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