Forgotten Reality Shows to Binge this Break

I think we can all agree 2016 was a weird ass motha fuggin year. You’d think someone so obsessed with reality television (me) would be thrilled to have a reality star as their new President but I am left feeling confused, shocked, and mentally F’d. Pokemon came back and actually caused people to DIE because they were so focused on catching them all and not looking where they were going. The internet went nuts when Harambe the gorilla had to be killed because a child fell into his cage. Also, hi, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have broken up and gotten back together 75 million times and actually had a baby which makes Kylie Jenner an Aunt to her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s baby.

My head hurts.

When I need to unwind, I like to indulge in other people’s drama to help me forget mine. Reality Tv. My sanctuary, my meditation, my zen place. I think we can all agree after this shit show year, we all deserve to kick back and forget our worries & strifes with some old school forgotten reality shows.

So I am here to give you the best gift of 2016, a list of all my favorite forgotten reality shows to help ease you in to more promising times. Get ready to grab a bottle of wine and BINGE watch!





Audrina was a show about one of The Hills stars, Audrina Patridge, and her family. It takes place in Orange County and followed her parents, 2 sisters and brother. It was great because A. they’re all really good looking and B. they’re all really nuts. Her mom is one of those people who slurs their words even when sober which makes her look drunk and crazy (think Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm) and is always fighting with Audrina’s sister. It got a little too dark and too personal for me at times but still such a must see show. You can find most of the episodes on YouTube Here.

Rich Girls


OMG, I can’t believe I found episodes online. I have been searching FOR YEARS. This is such a cult classic and sooooo bad it’s good. Think Simple Life meets Laguna Beach. It follows Ally Hilfiger and her less attractive, rich friend, Jamie around Manhattan for their last semester of High School. The first episode is awesome because they go shopping for prom dresses and spend enough money to pay off all my student loans AND don’t even really find prom dresses! Also, I don’t know if this is a super wealthy thing but Ally kisses people on the mouth instead of on the cheek when saying goodbye which really freaks me out. Anyways, this is definitely a GEM and here is a link to all eps on YouTube.


Britney & Kevin: Chaotic


Here we watch the beginning of Brit’s dark years and it is sooo juicy, they literally do not censor themselves at all. Today, no A List star would EVER dream of putting all of their emotions out there like this for the world to watch. It starts out following Britney on her European tour talking about finding love and then she meets Kevin and brings him overseas with her. You watch their whole love story evolve from the start. They talk about their sex life, hopes, dreams, sex, their WEDDING is on there, more sex, they basically just talk about how connected and horny they are for each other and it is so wild. Definitely worth a watch, you can find the episodes on YouTube here.

Pretty Wild


Remember that Emma Watson movie based off the book, The Bling Ring? Yah, this reality show follows one of the girls that was involved in that whole mess. You can tell they were trying to follow the Kardashian model, zany momager & 3 attractive sisters living in LA getting themselves in to cRaZy situations… Until Alexis Neiers got caught stealing from celebrity’s homes and was arrested. It is super evident how hard they are trying to brand themselves to create a career but it all ended up biting them in the ass because they come across as so out of touch with reality and extremely vapid with no sense of relatability for the audience to connect with… but it’s such a great train wreck to watch. Also, their religion is The Secret and they wrap each episode up nicely by coming together, holding hands, and exclaiming “And so it is!” which is my favorite phrase ever and love to repeat it to my sister, sarcastically, when we are going through shitty times. Here are some good eps to binge on!

Princesses of Long Island


This was a one season wonder that is such a shame didn’t make it to a second season. The show was all about a group of girls that grew up on Long Island and had deep roots, which is always a recipe for success when it comes to reality (i.e. Laguna Beach, Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives of NJ, etc). I personally loved the girl that was slutty in High School and slept with everyone’s boyfriends because one of the other girls held a 10 year grudge against her for sleeping with her high school boyfriend unbeknownst to the slut. When it all finally came to a head, the slutty one barely remembered sleeping with him and was so blasé about it, so amazing. The one that was hurt was super sensitive about it and yet thought she was better than the rest of the girls because she was a bottle service girl living in NYC. #goals. Anyways, the premise of the show was that these bitches all still lived with their parents and were super spoiled and all in need of rhinoplasties and it was great to watch. Here are the episodes for your viewing pleasure.

Honorable Mentions:

Gallery Girls – Luckily I found some episodes on YouTube here, this one was such a bitchy show. Loved how pretentious and cut throat these gals were all in the name of ART!

NYC Prep – Another one season wonder from Bravo. It has Rich Girls vibes but just goes to show that super wealthy girls raised in manhattan are not the only assholes, the boys are too! Episodes here.


What is your fave reality show of all time? #nojudgement

Cheers! xoxo


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