How to Plan a Bachelorette Party Part 1

I recently had the pleasure of being the Maid of Honor for my bestie which meant I had a few very important duties, one of which was planning her Bachelorette party. Let me tell you, this shit sounds so much easier than it is. You are literally herding a bunch of loud, opinionated, drunk cats in to a corral with holes in it… close to impossible.

Because planning is so freaking complicated, I divided this post in to 2 parts because I could write a NOVEL on this.



The main roadblocks with planning a Bachelorette party are that you’re combining people from all walks of the bride-to-be’s life, everyone has a different budget, everyone has an opinion, and everyone has a menstrual cycle and lots of hormones. I have compiled some of my favorite tips and tricks that I have learned from planning a Bachelorette party, being a guest at a Bach party, and actually being the bride to be at a Bach party.

Okay, so first step is the WHEN. I would pick around 6 – 8 weeks before the Bride’s wedding so she is not in full on freak out mode yet. I was a hot mess the last month before my wedding and would have probably not enjoyed my Bachelorette as much if it was in that time frame. I would start sending emails out as soon as you can to get people’s preferences on weekends. Give people around 4-6 months to plan/save.

Next, the WHERE. I highly suggest you let the Bride choose the location. She knows her guests best and knows where they can travel to. Also, take time of the year in to consideration as well. We had a party in Nashville in February and while Nashville is generally warm, we had a freak ice storm. It did not hinder our fun at all, but did force us to change some plans. Also, try to think outside the Vegas box! Vegas is always so much fun and easy for people to get to but if you’re not the club kind of people, try somewhere like Austin, Chicago, or… Puerto Vallarta. If it worked for Tamra Barney Judge, it can work for you? #whoopitupatAndales


The next step I would do is to get a final concrete number of people attending. You should give the girls a ball park on what they will spend on lodging, food, activities, etc for the weekend so they can make sure they can afford it and then ask them to either commit or decline. The biggest advice I can give is to BE DIRECT during this process. Give the girls a date they need to RSVP by and if they say they can attend at that date, they will be expected to reimburse for lodging from there on out.

This is the hardest part of planning because people back out, DAYS before, and you do not want to be left with the check.

My friend’s little sister did such a good job with this by telling us straight up what we would be expected to pay for. Girls are not always direct with each other (myself included) and this made the decision to attend easier & I respected her for being so up front. and it takes the pressure off the MOH & the rest of the girls and puts the responsibility on the attendees to say if they can come or not. I had a few girls back out during the planning process (after we had secured a house) and it was a nightmare because it raised the price for the other girls. Trust me, people will not be put off, they will appreciate it and it will make their decision easier!

Also, remember that this is not the wedding. This is a fun bonus so it’s not the end of the world if people can not attend. (This was hard for me to remember because I wanted everyone I ever met at my Bach)

Next week, we will finish the convo with planning the lodging for everyone, activities, and collecting payments from everyone (THE WORST).

Do you have any bachelorette party tips & tricks?

Cheers! xoxo





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