Best Home Decor Finds of the Week

I have always had an obsession with Interior Design. When I was in middle school, I would draw out rooms with decorations & furniture and put together color schemes for them, basically I was vision boarding/Pinterest-ing before it was a thing.


That being said, I am NO expert. Not even close. One of my goals in life is to take design courses to get some basics under my belt but until then, I am just going to scour the internet for fun and interesting finds to feed my soul.

Here are my picks from perusing the internet this week:


This Dalmatian print plate is such a good find from H&M’s home line (it says leopard print on, obviously the Swiss do not have leopards because that is not leopard print). I must have been a New Jersey housewife in a past life because I have this obsession with animal print and have to reel it in so I don’t go overboard. I think this print can be super chic when used in the right places and would look awesome on a table at a dinner party paired with my next little find.


These salt & pepper shakers are NINETY NINE CENTS. LESS THAN A DOLLAR. Mama loves a deal!  Like I said, I love functional items with interest… Hi, glamorous S & P shakers. Get these now.


I have two Salt & Pepper shakers on this list. Excessive & Frivolous… & necessary. These are from and are giving me Patricia Altschul vibes. I want these on my table at a dinner party while Michael the butler brings me my afternoon medicine aka a cocktail. Patricia is on my top 5 people I NEED to have drinks with in my life, anyone who incorporates drinking in to their every day life is #goals.


This is one of my favorite pictures of Brigitte Bardot ever. I have been looking everywhere for this print of her and finally found it here on Etsy. I know I don’t know a lot about interior design, but I do know that art is expensive but it adds SO much. You can purchase this Ikea frame for $15 and have an easy piece to shake up your space for so cheap.


I live in a tiny apartment that doesn’t have room for a dining room table but in my head I have one & these beauties are on it. I found these on and they are inspiring me to do a Palm Springs inspired table setting with oranges, pinks, and greens. In my head, I am very glamorous. #delusional

That is is for now, trust me there will be more! Which piece is your favorite & what is your style of home decor?

Cheers! xoxo








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