How to Plan a Bachelorette Party Part 2

Last week we started the discussion on planning a Bachelorette party. After being a MOH this past year, planning the bachelorette party was one of the most important parts. I Googled articles looking for tips and there was nothing relatable, it all seemed a little fake and just a bunch of fluff.

I hope this brings the realness and helps you out!


We’re picking up where we left off last week and starting with lodging for the weekend.

I come from a family of all girls, I was in a sorority and lived with 90 girls in a house, I always lived with girl roommates, so I am totally cool with cramming a shit ton of girls in a house and seeing what happens. Now, this is not for everyone. I would take in to consideration the age of people that are coming, their budgets, and people’s sleeping arrangements. I personally prefer renting a house on AirBnB or VRBO. It’s usually cheaper & easier to coordinate the money & payment schedule because everything is on one check. I would say if you are in your early 20’s, girls will be more willing to cram in to a space. If you are in your later 20’s or older, I think most people are going to want their own space or to share it with less people. I once crammed 6 girls in to a tiny room at the Flamingo and we slept 3 to a full size bed. I was 23 and out of my mind and would never do that again. We got a huge house in the Hollywood hills for mine and there was only 2 girls to a room and we had plenty of room to spread out. An added bonus for getting a house, you can cook meals at home to save money and if your house has a pool, that is added entertainment & less money for activities!

The part that I was stressed about planning the most was the activities. I felt pressure to entertain all these girls, some I barely knew, all weekend AND make it unforgettable for my bestie bride. First, get an idea for what the bride wants. I’m not a big fancy dinner person and much prefer brunch. Also, I just wanted all my friends to just chill around the pool, get drunk, laugh at each other and be laid back. My sisters planned a BBQ the day everyone got in, then we went to a karaoke bar that night. The next day we day drank all day at brunch (I will do a whole post on my Bachelorette party if you want! It was a crazy Hollywood Hills experience with lots of hot cheetos, gay clubs, and Tito’s vodka). Easy, fun, so me. In planning my friend’s party, she wanted a more chic vibe with clubs, good meals, good conversation, more of a Miami situation.


I think you should choose an activity to kick off the weekend the first night. While people were getting in that first day, we just hung out and drank at the pool. We then planned a nice dinner out where we all got to know each other and then got bottle service (someone in the group will know how to get in touch with a promoter, if not FIND ONE if you’re planning on going to a club. So cheap and free alcohol!! You will only be responsible for tip, usually $200ish total, not per girl). The next day, we went to a fabulous brunch, ate our faces off at Cecconi’s, then the bride wanted some time by the pool before we went out.

Another tip I would give is try to do one surprise for the bride. It will be a hit and make her feel special. I chose to get my friend a little person stripper. This is not for everyone and unless you know how your bride will react, I wouldn’t suggest it. My friend has an amazing sense of humor and it was a hit. One party I went to, we all surprised her with a limo for a day drinking bar crawl which was a blast as well. Just know your bride.


Okay… Last step in planning. My least favorite. MONEY. People are super sensitive about money and it can get super messy so do yourself a favor and be super upfront with the group. I would suggest payment plan options for lodging. Splitting up the payments will help the girls to afford it by not asking for a big chunk all at once. As far as expenses go, If you are good with money, have a couple big meals planned and also are going to buy alcohol for the house, I would suggest a “Kitty”. I don’t know where that name came from but it basically just means people pay you up front for some of the meals. I have given $2-300 to the MOH and she uses it to pay for alcohol/food for the house and puts it towards our meals out so we didn’t have to worry about the check.

Another option is to just pay as you go. I prefer this because I am shit with budgeting. I just asked for some money up front which helped with decorations and snacks/alcohol for the rooms and then after that, I had the girls use Venmo for meals. I HIGHLY suggest Venmo. A lot of places won’t let you split the check with big groups so you can just put it all on your Credit Card and then send each girl there a Venmo request for the split check. SUPER easy, girls also always have an opinion on what the money they are giving you is going to so the pay as you go feature is a little easier/popular amongst the group.

After writing this post, I was feeling a little nostalgic and wanting to plan an imaginary Bachelorette party for myself so I decided to add a bonus post all about non-boring bachelorette party decor. As my girl Vicki Gunvalson would say, WooHooooo!

Cheers! xoxo






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