Boo to Boring Bachelorette Parties

As a one time Maid of Honor, there is a lot of pressure to plan the Bachelorette party for your bestie. You want the weekend to run smoothly & be entertaining, not be too basic, and now with social media, there is this added pressure to make every little detail worthy to share with your followers. The decorations are going to set the tone for the party. Nothing is more fun for the bride than to walk into a room that is completely decorated with her in mind.

Now, that being said, there is one thing NOT to do when decorating for a Bachelorette party, and that is making it boring.

Pin the tail on the penis is boring. Pin the tail on the penis after taking a shot of tequila and taping a picture of your best friend’s loser ex that still lives in your hometown is hilarious.

Candy in the gift bags is boring. Candy soaked in vodka for the last week in the gift bags is nectar from the gods.

Are you following me?

It’s easy to get sucked in to the Etsy K-hole filled with hot pink penises & “Miss to Mrs” banners, so I am here to help you get creative with your decor. Here are some slightly basic but not at all boring Bachelorette Party decor that screams “saddle up bitches, we’re getting drunk this weekend” and not “my fiance’s totally making fun of how boring this weekend is while he is getting lap dances in Reno”.

Okay that was too far, here we go.



First things first, I like to have a decorated space where you can take pics before going out. This is the most basic sentence I have ever typed (that is saying a lot). For real though, I really think this adds to the party and makes it feel special.

Please, for the love of God, if you’re going to get a banner, make it funny. I love this Shit Just Got Real banner because you’re going to be mushy at the actual wedding and this is the time to celebrate the bride before that shit. I have also seen ones that say Same Penis Forever or the company I have linked below could even customize one for you, get creative and raunchy!

We also made the personalized balloons below for my best friend’s bach because she is obsessed with her dog but it could be funny to put a bad pic of the groom with the words “FORRRREVERRRRR” under it. I am also obsessed with Mylar balloons and this zebra one is so glam & fun, the website linked also has tons of other options like champagne bottles and cacti.

Zebra Mylar, Real Banner, Personalized Balloons


Guys, I can not stress DETAILS enough. Even when it comes to eating & drinking, try and take it to the next level. The rose gold plastic forks mixed with the black & white straws are right up my alley & CHEAP on Amazon. They are girly without being hot pink (gag) & purple (gaggier) and add a little glam (hate myself for saying that). These disco ball cups are also EVERYYYthing. I am obsessed with them, they would make amazing party favors (only $8 each, not bad) & so cute for photo ops especially on Polaroid film, so 70’s.

Rose Gold Forks, Disco Cups, Black & White Straws


A drunk piñata moment is really underrated, this is the perfect time to pre-game with the girls and get the night started. I also just thought of a really good idea for a game, first you blindfold the girl & make her take a shot, spin her around 3 times, ask her a question about the bride & if she gets it right then she gets to try and hit the piñata. If she gets it wrong, maybe you could push her in the pool, I don’t know, your call. Fill the piñata up with things like mini alcohol, the bride’s favorite snack (mine would totally have hot cheetos in it), Advil, personalized sunglasses with the bride’s name on it, etc. Screw candy, get creative & think outside the box.

Cactus Piñata, Baby Donk Piñata, Unicorn Piñata


So the next three items are random but hear me out. The drinking buddies are just cute little drink markers, women get objectified all the time so if we can’t beat ’em, let’s just join them and objectify men right back. Each guy has a douchey little name on his butt like Josh (Joshes are always douches, right? #JoshMurray). Drinkwel is from the same company that makes LyteShow which is a HANGOVER SAVIOR. Take these vitamins before & after drinking with water and it will help you survive a 3 day bender. These are essential for goody bags and people will thank you & you will thank yourself. I also really love these laser cut signs, super un-necessary but fun and a great way to promote the weekend’s hashtag. YES, you need a hashtag. People will be stalking your pics all weekend so take these out to the bars with you and make hott guys pose with them.

Drinking Buddies, Drinkwel, Insta Signs


I really appreciate a good Bachelorette party decoration and if you are planning a Bachelorette party any time soon, I hope this helps you find some inspiration. What is the best party decoration or party detail you have seen? Let me know below, I am always looking for new ideas.

Cheers! xoxo


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